FREE Check Engine Light Scan
Bring your vehicle to us for a FREE trouble code report.
Is your warning light on? ... [More] If it is, there may be a problem. Bring your vehicle to us for a FREE trouble code report.

Ask Manager for details. If repairs are declined price of one hour labor will be charged. If further diagnostics are needed, additional charges will apply. Not valid with other offer or special. Coupon must be presented in advance. ... [Less]
EXP 6/28/2024
FREE Battery Test
Is it time for a new battery? Let us help!
Here are a few signs that ... [More] you’re in need:
• Slow engine crank
• Corrosion
• Leaking Battery
• Batter Warning Light is On

Any additional parts and/or labor are an additional cost. Cannot combine with any other offer. For a limited time only.
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EXP 6/28/2024
FREE Alignment Check
How do I know that I need my alignment checked?
... [More] • Tires / Tread are worn on one edge
• Your vehicle pulls left or right when you’re on a straight, smooth road
• Your steering wheel shimmies, feels loose, or is hard to turn.

Four wheel or two wheel on most cars and trucks. See store for details. Cannot combine with any other offers. Limited time only. ... [Less]
EXP 6/28/2024
Mazda Service The Woodlands & Conroe | Rooster Ridge Car CareMazda CX 7 by David Villarreal Ferna, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Mazda Service and Maintenance

Mazda is well known for building exciting cars are a reasonable price. Rooster Ridge Car Care has been working hard to be sure that we can service your car at a high level. There are more and more Mazda’s on the streets. This has led to many people coming to us for the Mazda repair work that they need, they’ve heard about us and come as soon as they think they need any repair work done.

We make it our priority at Rooster Ridge Car Care to be sure that your Mazda continues to run safely and efficiently every time you drive it around. If your car isn’t completely up to par you may be at greater risk of having an accident. Timely repairs can prevent bigger repairs which saves money, time and maybe even lives. Keeping your car in good repair is your first step in keeping your fuel consumption, and your operating costs, both down.

How we do this is by always keeping our Mazda repair technicians at Rooster Ridge Car Care constantly up to date on the latest developments in the Mazda world. This company constantly innovates and changes key aspects of their models every year. Getting by on last year’s knowledge isn’t enough, we keep our technicians up to date so that they are always ready to take on all of the Mazda repair work that comes into our shop. Call  our support staff today to book yourself into our shop at a convenient time.